Monday, January 18, 2010

Like I said, you should just GO FOR IT

Christ, Intervention is on again. It's followed by Horders. This wouldn't be so bad but every time I watch it - with my glass of wine and the pile of clothes I have to push aside to stumble into bed - I can't help but wonder, "When are they coming for me, I just wish I knew when". Now, I obviously don't have the kind of problems these people have, but I think it's effed up. There is no way I will know why my boyfriend likes this show, but I am happy to be typing rather than watching. Seriously, it's just a pile of clothes!

Today I decided to review the Lady Gaga interview on Oprah. Let me start by saying I am a little on Kathy Griffin's side about Our Lady of Oprah. She is obviously a deity in her own right, but at the same time I think she is a little full of doo doo. I don't know why, but maybe when you are that big you loose touch with reality... at least a little.

So, I watch the Gaga interview and am now even more in love with her than I was before. She wept when she talked about her fans and addressed them directly. It was touching, seriously. It would be unfair if I didn't thank her for her lessons and her example of just going for it. All of us. Her lesson seems to be pretty simple.. no matter what, be true to yourself. It's simple, actually.

Last week I submitted an audition for a TV show that I think I will do pretty well at. I'd rather not say the name of the show just because there is always the possibility they won't dig the fact that it's been discussed in cyberland - but just know that I have as good a chance as anybody else who has applied, and it's not Jersey Shore. Although I do want to know how Snooki gets her hair to look like she has a bumpit in, all the while knowing she doesn't.

For years I have been yearning to be on TV. Not so much because I think so much of myself, but since I was little, I imagined what my conversation with Jonny Carson would sound like. Yes, I am that old. Even though Jay Lenno has the show now (I know, I know... too soon) even he might pull something fun out of me to talk about. Who knows, but now I am trying to figure out how my interview with Chelsea Handler will go. She is my favorite comic and host, but she scares the crap out of me. Will she like me? If she doesn't, will I know? Either way - we will all find out one day!

I am keeping this short but feel like it's been too long since I wrote last. The most exciting thing right now is that I have been named Best of Boston by Boston Magazine for my business and I have auditioned for a TV show that I am hoping will "get it". My focus is on excelling and moving forward with no apologies. Making my life as full and rich as I can. No more caring what people thing and no more listening to the naysayers of the world. Gaga, thank you and world - hang on because here I come.


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